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Shravanthi & Aditya(non-registered)
Swathi Arjun gallery was our official wedding decorator, caterer and videographer. They were very meticulous in executing the details right from the creative table centerpiece, linen to the wedding hall decorations. The team arrived promptly at the hall at 6 am in the morning to begin the preparations, they also arranged a side table with a variety of Indian cultural artifacts.
The food was amazing; we requested a pure South Indian vegetarian fare, which included Kosambari, rasam, sambar and extremely well prepared Indian dessert Gulab Jamun and Samosa was lip smacking. The videography team captured the event with great detail.
All in all they provided us with good wedding planning experience . I highly recommend you work with this team to plan your events.
Indrani Balireddy
I have known Swathi for two years. She tool beautiful photographs during a few of my friends's events. So, when I was thinking of getting graduations pictures for my son and a family photo shoot, Swathi was my first choice. From the first day, I contacted her for the photo shoot, I experienced very friendly, accommodating and sweet nature of Swathi! When I thought of changing dates, she is ready to meet my request! She was ready and happy to climb to our family's favorite spot to take pictures.
My two boys and my husband are very averse to posing for pictures. But Swathi, made them feel very comfortable with small chats and made them smile before the camera. The photo shoot was perfect and she was able to capture some of our best candid moments. She produced some of our best pictures to be cherished for ever. I got most of our prints ordered from her. Her photo prints are the best quality ones you can ever get. I would recommend not only her photo shoot sessions but also getting copies from her for best quality pictures.
Sandhya Dodballapur(non-registered)
My association with Swati as a photographer started in May 2016 when she announced in the SLC ladies group that she is having a 30-minute free Mother’s Day special foto shoot. I called her right away and set up a time to meet and since the weather was rainy she had my mother and me at her studio. She spent several hours on my mom and me with different poses both indoor and outdoor. Never had my mom experienced that one on one indulgence. Next day she called her childhood friends in her hometown, Dharwad, India and was sharing the joy she experienced. when the prints were ready Swati waived the print editing charges. When I insisted Swati to tell me the whole cost she told me “Thanks for giving me an opportunity to shoot you. I vouch for customer satisfaction more than anything!” I was touched by her humility and her generosity.
This year again in May, I requested Swati to photo shoot my mother’s milestone birthday on June 1st. She was travelling next day but accepted. Her sense of commitment is remarkable. She deeply cares for her customers in an authentic way. Again, Swati did an outstanding job in capturing the candid moments be it my mom’s agony or ecstasy, of our honored guests, cake with peacock feather and flute as mom is Lord Krishna’s devotee, delicious dishes so lovingly prepared by my extended family. She made the Celebration so memorable. My siblings who live in California though were not present felt they were a part of this event as they saw the vibrant and lively pictures. My friends who were present felt so special as Swati took pix of each family and friends with my mother.
Swati is an impeccable and indefatigable photographer! Always striving to give her best by learning and enriching herself with photography related workshops. She goes above and beyond in making the whole experience of foto shoot thrilling and delightful. She has touched my life with her unconditional love and caring. I feel blessed to have met such an amazing soul! I wish Swati, tons of success in her calling!!!
With lots of love and best wishes,
Sandhya, KC and Mom
Pratyusha kanakamedala(non-registered)
I'm so glad I knew Swathi.. we had beautiful moments while doing the photoshoot, she is so flexible in exchanging the ideas and concepts..Thank u so much swathi for capturing the very special and beautiful moments of our life...
Magic is in her click ,Talent is in her thoughts ,
Reality is in her work,
She captures a moment... it will be memorable for your life time
Brandy Blackerby(non-registered)
Wow!!! Just Wow!! Not only is Swath an AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER, but she's super professional & Very Nice!! She GOES ABOVE & BEYOND TO MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE WITH HER A GREAT ONE!!
Kimberly Boroski(non-registered)
I had the wonderful experiece of working with this talented photographer recently. Swathi was an absolute joy to work with, very kind and upbeat. I had such an amazing time working with her for my modeling portfolio photos. She is highly skilled and made me feel very comfortable in front of her camera! I received my photos back to me in a timely manner, and, was more than pleased with the images she captured!I would recommend her as a professional photographer for any occasion! She has a big heart and is very exceptional as a photographer!I had a very pleasant experience and her photos are works of art! Thank- you Swathi Arjun for stepping up my portfolio. You are definately at the top , when it comes to needing a professional artist in photography!
V S Prathap(non-registered)
The pics and the work are very really nice.
Shruthi MN(non-registered)
I am the proud young sibling of Swathi. She has always been the creative among the two of us and today she is bringing her passion out to the world. She is an amazingly talented person and captures the best of moments! She undermines her outcome which only works for her benefit because that pushes her forward to do even better! I love the dedication she has and its lovely to get clicked by her cause all she does is brings the best out of a person :) I saw it happen when I, as an amateur modelled for her when I visited her. Thank you and all the best Swa!
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