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It’s that beautiful time of the year when fall is almost here and I can’t wait to see the fall colors in Utah. While looking forward to fall, I am also eagerly waiting for India mela to relish some Indian street style food...The stalls , music ,henna, people , food everything that brings back memories of India. Anyway, in this blog I am going to talk about a fun family session we had for Pari’s 2nd birthday.


Etched in the heart are those first hours after the baby is born. The first few moments are so precious, and no words need to be spoken, for we all know life will never be the same and any joy that is felt or sense of accomplishment experienced is always pale in comparison to the miracle the baby is to us.


Pari turned 2 last year when I photographed the family. It always surprises me how time flies and babies grow up. It’s a beautiful phase of life that shouldn’t be missed, these small young naughty days will be long gone before a blink of an eye. Every moment is special and memorable :)


Poornima & Anand called me one fine day asking me to photograph their beautiful family in the event of Pari’s 2nd birthday. I always enjoy family photoshoots as it makes me happy and helps me connect with the family on an emotional level. The clients soon become friends and a lot of times a friend for life :) I love my job as it is very satisfying to say the least.


Few photos from the session ..


I remember having to hide and shoot Pari as she in no time got very conscious in front of the camera. She would give me expressions of “Go away “as she saw the camera in my hands.. We played rhymes, cartoons and got her engaged so we could get some random candid looks.. Overall it was fun challenging session and from then on I always remembered to take candies and become the toddler’s best friend before setting up the shoot.


Every shoot teaches you something or the other and I am very thankful that the learning doesn’t ever stop and that you keep competing with yourself every single time to better yourself. Photography has indeed rounded me as a person and indeed helped me unleash my inner passion towards creativity.







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Party Time- 16th or 60th Bday ?? https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2017/9/60-years Hello again. It’s that time of the year when the weather is slowly calming down and the heat is backing down to welcome the fall weather. We must be very thankful that we are living a comfortable life here in Utah , while there are natural disasters happening around us. It is extremely sad and heart breaking to see nature's wreath. Praying to almighty that we have peace and happiness in the upcoming days. In today’s blog I am going to discuss sweet 60th birthday of the evergreen Raviji. 


Last year about the time when Pastries and Chaat was newly opened, we used to visit the place quite a bit. (Reminiscencing: Who knew we would own it someday) While at the restaurant, we met Raviji and her husband, we instantly connected and started talking. Raviji asked me about my photography business looking at the marketing banner I had on the Pnc walls. As soon as I informed her of my new upcoming business she decided to hire me as her photographer to capture her 60th bday . I was overjoyed to be able to do something special on her 60th birthday.


As we discussed on the theme of the party, I started gathering photo props as we planned to have a fun little booth at the party that would bring some fun crazy element at the party. I also decided to use Einstein’s for the first time for my lighting setup which was an experiment in itself. I had never once used a high end lighting technique to capture the event details. I was super excited to use the technique to see how these work for me at a busy party.


The day arrived, and with the help of my super supportive husband I set up the photo booth with least difficulty. As the time got closer the event hall got busier and to my surprise I saw that most of the guests that came to the party were my friends. What can be better than having to shoot in a very comfortable environment? I started shooting away to get some great captures.


Overall the event was fun filled with loads of laughter, speeches, dances and some music. To top it all the food was fantastic, something we talk about till date. It was wonderful to see the birthday girl dance away to glory and bring smiles on everyone’s face. Age is just a number they say, Raviji truly showed us that age doesn’t count and what really matters is the inner childish self. The guests burnt the dance floor with some crazy moves and danced till they dropped. The party went on till late night, until everyone were drop dead tired. What a party it was. They definitely know how to party!! Cheers to the 60 years!!!


A very happy 60th birthday to the most charming and evergreen Raviji. :) Hope this blog brings back memories of the fun filled party. Cheers!



Swathi xoxo

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Vintage Burlesque !! https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2017/7/burlesque  

Hello Guys. For all of you’l that know me, I am a creative person, always looking to do something edgy and interesting. There were a group of interesting people planning on a Vintage burlesque shoot, which I was excited to join.. However, my participation looked doubtful when I heard of the dates. I was supposed to be travelling to Phoenix to attend a relatives wedding...


I curbed my excitement since I knew I had a bigger event to attend. I diverted my mind towards some wedding photography of a South Indian & an American which sounded a lot of fun too. The days were getting closer, but we knew it was a long drive ahead of us ( Yes we had to drive , since the flight tickets were expensive ).. On the day of travel, we had an emergency that stopped us from attending the event at Phoenix. We had to cancel the plans and decided to stay home for the weekend.


The once forgotten shoot, was back on table. I realized I could probably make it to the photo session. Carlo Panti one of the most noted photographer in Slc and Catherine Anne Rice planned a Vintage burlesque shoot. The amazing Steve Berlin volunteered for the shoot at his studio.. The HMUA’s set up their station to do hair and makeup for all the lovely ladies, while steve and team set up 5 different stations so all the photographers can play to their hearts content. :)


It was time and the models made their way to the studio. I walked in 20 mins late (IST: p), and my eyes first noticed this gorgeous model standing by the grey backdrops. She was all dressed in a black beautiful vintage outfit. She was instantly my muse for the session and started shooting with her.


Time flew by so quick that before I knew it, It was time for a closure. I got to work with so many confident creative individuals. My most important reason for attending the photo session was to meet all the pro photographers , HMUA’s in town and network with them…They are such selfless individuals that always are ready to teach and mentor the newbies in the society.. I got some great interesting shots besides all the networking and some delicious snacks. A fun evening to remember. Chao until next time. Happy reading!!



Swathi xoxo

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Practise makes Perfect - Fashion all the way !! https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2017/5/practise-makes-a-man-better Hey Guys. Looks like I’m on a roll this week. I am on the blogging marathon. Just shows how much I missed writing. Let’s jump straight into the topic...


In the midst of all the lifestyle photo sessions, I worked a lot in the studio (Winter kicked our butts) to practice and hone my skills. I planned a couple of fashion photo sessions so I can capture beauty and understand portrait techniques in addition to Photoshop skills which was elaborate. I focused on the lighting techniques, angles, poses which taught me so many tips and tricks as I progressed and tried them out on all the lifestyle sessions. To add, I worked and collaborated with senior photographers to understand their process. To my surprise I saw that I was improving every session and achieved results that I was hoping for.


They say with hard work you can achieve anything. I was determined to get on it and make some changes in the way i looked at things. I decided to experiment with lenses, lighting techniques, photography types which really helped me learn and execute them in real world. I also had the privilege to interact with the top photographers in the valley which really helped me grow as a professional. Networking is one important aspect which helps you learn from the best of bests.


They say “The more pictures you see, the better you are as a photographer”. I started practicing every chance I got  It is very important to click with people than to click the shutter they say , I started making appointments with models. I have worked my way and I feel excited and happy to see the progress. Now, lets together check out a few pictures.


Model & HMUA : Rose Madison

Photographer : Swathi

Fellow photographer : Steve Berlin

Model & HMUA : Sierra Manson

Photographer : Swathi

Fellow photographer : Steve Berlin

Model & HMUA : Heather Cox

Photographer : Swathi

Fellow photographer : Steve Berlin

I am very thankful for all the support, help and motivation I have gotten from you guys. I hope to keep learning and getting better at creating art. Keep supporting, keep following.


Swathi XOXO

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Nitya Nrutya !! https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2017/5/nitya-nrutya Hello Folks. Long time no see. I apologize I haven’t been able to keep up with writing. We are busy moving on to build our brand so it offers to Salt Lake valley any services needed for organizing an event. You are right!! We are now a one stop shop for any event. Be it photography, videography, decoration, catering, MC, DJ, Entertainment, we have it all. Come join hands with us to have a stress free event planning. Besides the new development, I have been super busy with events and lifestyle shoot. Summer started off with a bang and I can’t be happier.


Now coming to the blog, I’d like to discuss dance photography. This one was such a challenge especially with all the motion and rhythm of the South Indian dance form. Dancing is one of the finest arts ever known to man. The graceful movements, the poetry in motion, the music and Lure of dancing makes it simply irrestible to not accept the challenge. The lighting, movements are definitely one to be considered while attempting a dance form. New challenges, new techniques, new learnings is a wonderful way to perfect your skills at art.


I was privileged to be the official photographer for the graceful dancer Jyotsana Sainath who is a Bharatanatyam dancer, choreographer and teacher at Nitya Nritya Dance Company. I once witnessed her dance form at one of the Indian cultural events and I was blown away by the talent. I was excited and thrilled to be taking photos at the event organized at Rose Wagner.


As the day approached I did some research on dance photography, to make sure I am well prepared for challenges and the approach to shooting dance photography. The day arrived and Jyotsana cast her spell on everyone that were present at the event.


 “Dancing legs don’t stop” they say. Except that they would make others tap to the rhythm honed out of years of practice and performance on stage. One finds that there is a definite revival of this art form worldwide thanks to the amazing work being done by senior artistes without exception. She was exceptionally good and I consider myself blessed to be a part of the show.



This one was definitely a great learning experience in my art career. I am deeply humbled and full of gratitude to work with such kind-hearted talented individuals. Looking forward to many more art related photoshoots in the near future. Keep watching my space for more.



Swathi xoxo

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Winter is Coming !! https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2017/3/snow Hello Peeps. Been a month since I blogged. I have been busy working the fall photoshoots. My entire October month was booked and what better than fall colors session besides some product photography. It’s definitely been an exciting month since I got to sing at my first ever concert. Busy life but hey, I’m not complaining. Today I want to talk about my 1st shoot in the snow. (Literally!)


Word of mouth is very effective they say. It’s a proof of clients’ satisfaction when clients refer their friends to me. Deepthi & Arjun referred their friends to me and before I knew it we had our session planned. Thanks Deepthi & Arjun...


We decided to have a family photoshoot at International peace garden. If you know me, you know that I love that place. It’s charming and has tons of cute spots to choose from. I started discussion with the sweet daughter who seemed so excited about the photoshoot. The energy was so infectious that it got me all excited and pumped up. As the day approached, I shared some inspiration shots to get the ideas rolling. 


The family was well clad in maroon on a beautiful snowy day. Snow storm had filled the park with its snowflakes. Silently,like thoughts that come and go, snowflakes fell, each one a gem. They say when snow falls , nature listens . The park was filled with white pearls and made me very enthusiastic about the session . As soon as the family joined me for the session, we discussed how perfect the setting was and started searching around for our first spot.


While we walked around,  the snow gods literally poured over us making the situation a little vulnerable. I was concerned of the weather and the cold . But to my surprise the couple was thrilled and excited as they always wished to recreate the “Roja” scene. Light snow worked in our favor and we got some really awesome shots in the snow.  





Although it was slightly cold the family did a great job in posing and looked lovely in front of the camera. The session definitely had a very positive aura as we cruised along capturing some precious moments.  They definitely had their moments and made my first shooting experience in the snow totally worth it.


Overall it was a great shoot in the snow and I truly felt - There's no business like snow business. So long peeps!

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Small B is turning ONE !! https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2017/2/bs-bday Hello Guys. I’m excited to say buh-bye to winter and bring in spring. Spring is my favorite time of the year and can’t wait to see the sun shine and flowers bloom. While I sit on my couch on this moody evening, I decided to pen down details of B’s birthday party.


Last chapter I discussed about the cake smash photo session we had for the munchkin. This session is a continuation of the birthday celebration of the beautiful little girl. As the day approached I worked on my editing process so we could use the prints as a centerpiece for the table. In the end I was very proud of my photos as they looked cute as hell. The excitement showed as the day started closing in.


The theme was purple and violet. The kid was dressed as a snow white while the parents followed the color code of the event. The decorations were spot on. The cake looked very cute with a Barbie on it. It brought a smile on the kids’ faces. The cake and food catering was from Pastries and Chaat.



The Event saw some entertainers. They had a puppet and magic show and boy were the kids excited! The kids sat on the stage staring at the performers. Their joy knew no bounds as the ladies had their adult time gossiping. They also had a photo booth which lit up the event as families got their family portrait as well as a few fun photos with the props.



Overall everyone seemed to have enjoyed the meticulously planned event. From decoration to food to cake to entertainment it was the perfect way to celebrate little B’s big day! Thank you for giving me an opportunity to showcase my photography skills. This was my first event photography and like we always say there’s a first time to everything and this first time was a great experience.


Keep reading as I blog about my journey in the past year.



Swathi xoxo




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Valentines Baby https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2017/2/valentines-baby Hello Peeps,


Happy Valentine’s day. Although all you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. And what better than valentines eve. I hope you are all having a fantastic evening. Today I am going to unleash a session I had a year ago on this same day . It’s a Valentines baby girl. Bhrithi paapa celebrated her 1st bday.


Bhrithi was born at the most romantic day of the year, the day that is filled with love, chocolate, roses, balloons…Its so exciting to have a bday on valentines day. Everyone celebrates this day in their own special way . Although Valentines day comes across like a commercial holiday it still is a day when many hearts celebrate and shower love on their better half . To be born on a special day is always a bonus. Bhrithi had her one year cake smash last year this time and it was fun or what.!!


As the day closed in Anu and myself planned the session and worked on some props and backdrops so it suits the mood of the session. Bhrithi our model for the day was a little sick but she had a glow on her face, she knew in her heart that it was her special day.  She being the charming lil girl, was extremely supportive and playful which clearly shows in the photos..



The photo session went really well and I was elated at the outcome. We printed a few that we could use as a centre piece for the party the parents were throwing the coming week. More about the party in the coming blog . This photo session was the beginning of a new chapter. It brought me closer to my dreams and helped me grow as a photographer. Gave me new experiences with new born photography and event photography. 


On this day , I wish you a very happy bday and a very happy valentines day to you. May these photos bring back memories when you are look back at this day. Cheers!!



Swathi xoxo






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Fashion – Humble Hiccups & Happy Endings !! https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2017/2/rella-dutson Hello Folks,

A very happy new year to all of you. This is my first blog post in 2017. I know , I know but I was busy making bigger plans. We now cater with PNC (Pastries & chaat) which serves Indian street style food. (Give that place a try , we have the best biryanis in the valley and some indian street style food that will blow your mind away ). Coming back to blogging , I will keep up to it and serve you guys will doses of photo stories. I promise: ):)


This Blog is about the newly wed Rella Dutson and her dear friend Samantha who left on a mission to another country. I congratulate them both on their new milestones. I think the blog is just in time to bring back memories we captured a year ago.


I remember this shoot to be  an interesting one. In the modelling industry I have heard that people often promise and under-deliver . This was one such session. This being my first few fashion sessions , I made tons of planning in getting designer clothing , model , hmua etc . I booked a studio with a dear friend , gathered designer clothes and made all arrangements for the shooting day just to know that the model was bailing out on me. The bad news struck me early in the morning and I panicked. I reached out to Mr Berlin and before I knew he started his search and Voila he confirmed a model before my mind screamed "FAIL"  ( If you know Steve , you know that he has great respect in the Utah photo networking industry ) So thankful for his contacts and reliable sources :)


I got to the studio and started to help Steve with lights. In came not 1, but 2 gorgeous dolled up girls. I was excited or what !! These girls are drop dead gorgeous. As fate has it , I got to work with one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen . These girls were a pleasure to work with. The energy they brought to the table was so infectious. The smile , the attitude , friendship , charm all came through in the shoot.These girls rocked the session and I was more than happy with how the session turned out. Better than I even expected. Never give up.  When life throws you a curveball, hit it out of the park ..







Cheers to a fun photo session and a great friendship . @Rella - I wish you a very happy married life. @ Samantha - Good luck on your mission. Hope this brings back some smiles. Thanks for being my super models and saving the day. You girls really rock and I wish to work with you guys in the near future. <3


Models & Hmua: Rella & Samantha

Wardrobe : Sugar sweet dress rentals

Photographer friend : Steve Berlin


Chao for now, Il see you soon!! 


Swathi xoxo

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Welcome to the world- Baby "Dhanvin" https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/9/welcome-to-the-world--baby-dhanvin Hi guys. The past few weeks have been long and exciting. India mela just got over and it took a lot of our time as we danced to songs and practiced for our surprise flash mob at the mela. If you haven’t seen the video already, go visit my personal page to check us jive on some cool dance moves. :) With all the videos, photos and the excitement of the India mela going around, let’s not forget our little putani. It is time to unleash our little Dhanu’s 1st birthday blog. Dhanvin turned one a few days ago, infact we had a birthday party as early as yesterday. Now, I want to make the birthday special and showcase some newborn photos I took of him a year ago..


Last year about the same time my sister Shruthi was in town and we were all discussing about how nice it would be to see Harsha’s baby before she leaves to Germany. We were hoping “Dhanu” as we lovingly call him, would meet us all before we left to Europe. Just while we were thinking, “BABY IS COMING” ,shouted the mom. They immediately rushed to the University hospital and before we knew it Dhanu was born. Shruthi , my sister rushed to the hospital to have the first glimpse of the handsome baby. She called me to give the good news and I decided to take my gear and go to the hospital the same day for some new born session.


You have the heard the expression, slept like a baby! There is a reason for that. Look at the pictures below. In the cradle slept the newborn, with dark beautiful hair and without a worry in the world! Tiny fingers curled around my pinky as I came forward to look at him. It instantly brought a smile on my face to see the newborn kick his legs out in search of something reassuring, contrast to how it felt like when he was inside the womb. He was covered in a cozy blanket/ sweater made by his mother..  I couldn’t believe how tiny new babies are, how vulnerable yet how awe inspiring!!


I captured a few photos of the new born while he was asleep, but couldn’t wait to see him when he has his eyes wide open. I wanted to see who he looked like on the first instance. I thought “Harsha” in my head. No sooner did we decide to take a few photos, the baby started crying and newborn cries filled the room. It was probably the cold air that he was not used to in the womb I thought.








After taking a few photos we decided to continue the session once they are back home. I did my research on newborn sessions as it was my first and I realized at once that it would be challenging one. Photographing babies is very tricky especially considering the environment, their food habits, sleeping habits etc.

After checking on both our schedules we decided to have a photo session on a fine Sunday morning. We used the sweaters and the socks Harsha had herself knitted as a prop. Although 1 month is a pretty tough period to photograph a baby we got some really nice pictures that we will all cherish for times to come...


























Dhanu celebrated his 1st birthday on Sept 21st and this blog is my gift to his parents. It’s time to relive the memories of the newborn and cherish all the wonderful moments. Happy birthday to our darling baby “Dhanvin”, we wish you all the happiness and love and success in your life.


Signing out,

Swathi <3<3



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Snow of Memories!! I Just can't say goodbye https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/9/snow-of-memories Hi guys. It’s been a while since I updated my blog. It’s the festive season and I have been super busy with all celebrations besides the art scene... Most of my weekends are booked solid and it feels great to have your dates blocked. I am getting all ready to be hosting a photo booth at the India mela on Sept 17th. It’s that time when we celebrate the lovely weather before it goes south for the rest of the year. A carnival where people of all ages come in to have fun, to get their palates satisfied with chat food but also let’s not forget, to get their pictures taken in the carnival. Everything aside I want to talk about the photoshoot with the ever active & charming family Deepthi Prasanna & Arjun Iyengar…


First of all, I adore this family. Arjun is an iron man participant and Deepthi has many triathlons up her sleeve. They have such an active lifestyle and the inspiration they create for people is impressive. It makes one wonder how they make time for an exciting healthy lifestyle. As soon as I was contacted by them for a photoshoot, all I could think was to include their lifestyle into the session, the gears they use on a daily basis like their bicycles, the medals they have accumulated over the years etc. After all, that’s what photos are for – to create and preserve memories forever! We planned this session in November and we had seen some snow already, which was all the more a reason to do a photo shoot. 


Abhi and Ananya are the young budding rockstars in their family who already have won a few triathlons. You know the saying – like parents, like kids… Flash & Bouncer are the stars of the house. They contacted me and told me they wanted a family session including their dear dogs. I was excited as it was my first with the dogs. The 4 legged babies complete their family and suffice it to say they have 4 kids! 


I planned my visit to their house a little early, to take a candid few shots of their kids...We decided to get some shots in their backyard which was filled with snow. The kids wore their snow shoes while I gathered my camera gears and some props. I decided to make this session fun and asked them to make a snow man and play around with snow. Before I knew they were throwing snow balls at each other and jumping around with joy. Capturing these happy candid moments is what brings happiness to any photographer. After having a fun filled session we decided to head out to a park to get some family shots...




They planned on a dog friendly location which was spacious. The color theme for this session was maroon & white and they were well coordinated. We took some shots of the family with a beautiful white snowy natural back drop which made the photos pop. Flash & Bouncer rocked the shoot, although it was cold. Although I wanted to use their gears as a prop for the photoshoot, the humble people they are decided to not use them.The session went really well and before we knew it was time to head out. Although I give a time slot to my clients, I’m not a stickler for time and I try to get as many shots as possible until I feel satisfied of my work. So I lost track of time when Arjun patted me on my back and told me the time allocated was up and that we should head back. The discipline and the time sense this family shows is much appreciated. They were a joy to work with.


This blog is particularly very emotional, since it brings back the memories and relives the time they spent with Bouncer, their dog that just passed away a few weeks ago. The love they showered on him was reciprocated back a million times from Bouncer. Such is the love of a faithful dog. Hopefully this session and photos bring back wonderful memories shared with Bouncer. I know nothing can bring back the times you had with Bouncer, but I pray and wish through my blog that you get the strength to recover from your loss and a chance to find similar kind of selfless love in the future. 

May his soul rest in peace! 


Swathi xoxo


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I found my "Godfather" https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/8/i-found-my-godfather Happy Thursday Folks. Its time for yet another weekend getaway , can't wait to join my friends at Idaho . Before I leave for the weekend, I want to introduce to all of you Mr. “Steve Berlin”, the man instrumental in helping me find my creative circle. This truly marks a very important phase in my photography career.



I woke up one fine Sunday morning, thinking if I should attend a group photography session or not. It was a steampunk shoot that was scheduled 40 minutes from Salt Lake City. Being the lazy person I am, I had 2 minds on this one. But, my intuitive mind knew what’s best for me.I quickly gathered my gear and advanced towards my red coop.Before I knew I had lost my way in the dessert ,I still gathered my nerves and honed my patience to search for the place because this group photo shoot was being attended by the big guns of the Utah photography network. After a few lost roads, I finally managed to reach the destination.



I saw this gorgeous model dressed in white and instantly knew she was my muse. Least did I know this model would become one of my favorites. (Infact I immediately decided to schedule a photo session with her.)While I was photographing her, I heard a humble voice instructing the model on the pose he was looking for. Before I knew I was learning tips & tricks from him. We instantly connected and started talking business, while the beautiful wife joined in. We shared contact details and I left for the day.





A small brief discussion at the photo-shoot is all it took for us to develop a good understanding professional relationship. We immediately decided to schedule a photo session with Rio Van Zant (My muse at the Steampunk shoot).I contacted Preet for Hair & make-up, got the wardrobe from Tawny Horton and Steve booked his studio for the fairy tale bridal session..



We met the day before the photo session to work on some ideas we were planning to implement during the photo session. We made a few flower bouquets & headpieces and gathered some jewelry to go with it.



We decided on a light pink background to enhance the fairytale concept and set up the lighting accordingly to suit the photo inspiration we had on our minds.Rio, our super model stole the show with the poses & her vibrant personality. This was the beginning of many more collaborations to come.



During the photo session, Steve gave nothing but encouragement, allowing me to push my creative boundaries. He offered to help with the camera settings and made sure my focus and my compositions were right on the mark. Having a lighting master (He provides lighting expertise in movie making) by your side can be extremely exciting. Photography is literally writing with light. I’m glad I get to work with the best.



In all seriousness, I am proud to call him my mentor. He has changed the world for me in photographic sense, be it lighting, photo gear, camera usage, model poses, he has helped me grow as a person. There aren’t too many people in this world that are very selfless, but Steve is one of the rarest breed you can ever find. Not afraid to share his knowledge with anyone, very willing & happy to see someone progress. Not to forget, share his own gears. Its also great to know there is someone who has your best interest at heart and will give you a candid , honest feedback while helping you improve.. 


In today’s world finding a person with these qualities is rare. He not only has helped me with photographic career but also helped me hone my own personality.  He has truly been a god father to me. Blessed are those that get to work with the most respected and famous of people in the industry. And, I am blessed :)


Model : Rio Van Zant

Photographer : Swathi Arjun

Hair &  Make Up : Rio Van Zant

FB Photography Page: Swathi Arjun Photography

Instagram : swathi.mn


Keep Reading xoxo




[email protected] (Swathi Arjun Gallery) & Arts Blog Blogger Creative Family Hair Happiness Hmua Magazine Make Photography beautiful beauty creative writing designers fashion lifestyle love magazine photographer photography up https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/8/i-found-my-godfather Fri, 12 Aug 2016 02:54:38 GMT
When Plan B wins !!! https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/7/when-plan-b-wins Happy Friday Folks... It’s getting hotter by the day. Isn’t it? It’s been such a busy summer, I am buried in work, but so satisfied I get to see happy faces every time I plan a session. It’s a wonderful time to be out there in the nature, shooting under good lighting conditions. Today I want to share with you a session which stresses on the importance of having a plan B for every plan A just in case… With this session, I unfolded a very important chapter of my photography career as my collaborations with Preet just grew stronger. 


I introduced Preet, my dear friend with whom I collaborated on hair & make-up in the last post. She approached me to check if I could photograph her gorgeous family. My joy knew no bounds. Having to photograph an artist in itself is exciting... After moving around the dates quite a bit, we finally decided on the location, time & outfits. Least did I realize, climate would play a huge role. Utah weather wore its unpredictable cap & played spoilt sport. I usually have everything planned out meticulously... But this time I didn’t have a Plan B and I thought I messed up. 


The word “Studio” screamed in my mind. The only person that came to my mind was my mentor, the lighting master, a dear friend & a very respectable person in the industry, the      Obi-Wan Kenobi of photography in Utah – Steve Berlin. I quickly picked up my phone and the next minute I know, I had a studio waiting for me. The man is extraordinary. He has been a helping hand in trying to achieve my dreams and enhance my creative outlet. More about him in the coming blog.


Although, it was slightly drizzling, we managed to take a few photos in the rain before the chills ran through our spine. 



After, we packed up and left to the studio located in downtown. It was my first time at the studio and definitely not the last. We got some wonderful photos of the family. The couple looked at ease in front of the camera. This session was definitely a special one as this was my first indoor studio shoot.


Although the indoor session went wonderfully well, I decided to compensate the time we lost due to rain, by scheduling a short outdoor session at the Liberty Park for another day. I wanted to bring into reality the poses I had thought of, in my mind for that particular family session... 


The couple were dressed in white & grey and adopted a neutral color theme for this session. Tishana their daughter was in upbeat mood flashing smiles and radiating happiness around. The smile and happiness in her face was so contagious that it brought about a sense of excitement at the photo session. 



The weather, happy couple & the kid’s excitement created a wonderful environment to work in. Overall it was a wonderful interactive session. After being satisfied with the session, we decided to call it a day. This session brought Preet & myself closer than ever before. Our collaboration has yielded good results and we wish to bring more to the table in the near future. Keep reading as the next few blogs showcase our work.

Happy reading,XOXO


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I Shot my Sibling!!! https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/7/i-shot-my-sibling TGIF... It’s been almost a week since I met my sister and spent quality time with her... I can’t help but recollect the exciting photo session I scheduled for her almost a year back when she visited me in Salt lake City Utah...



My family has always been my no 1 supporters as I travel the road of creativity.. Having a beauty in the family I always wondered when I would get an opportunity to photograph her. As soon as I shared that my sister was visiting, the “Are you shooting her?!” questions started pouring in and I instantly knew I should schedule an elaborate photo session with her as soon as she gets here.



As I waited for her arrival, I worked out a concept in my head and the idea was an easy one; beautiful Indian girl, vibrant Indian colors & modern chic attire that would bring out the radiance in her. I decided to set up hair and make up for my little sister wanting to see her like a pretty little bride (matrimonial photos .. just kidding) My dear friend Preet, from Saloni beauty parlor and I decided to collaborate and what a brilliant decision that was.. She is an amazing artist and a dear friend. As the dates of her arrival got closer, besides being excited to see her, I gathered all the props, jewelry, shoes, clothes etc.



I chose a gorgeous looking vibrant lehenga for her and a skin colored golden shimmer dress. The makeup was subtle and clean and we went with a low bun for her hair do... We decided to have the photoshoot at International peace garden (which had become my latest favorite spot. You should check it out sometime) and decided to use the Greece garden for the 1st half of the photo session.



As a debutante, mixed emotions surpassed her. She was excited, anxious, nervous, and happy all at the same time. I calmed her down and asked her to evoke her dancing spirit into the photo session.. I could see her ease into it as she moved around seamlessly and started hitting the right poses.. She nailed the photo session and I could see she was a natural in front of the camera.. 



As the sun died down we got some gorgeous shots with the Indian look, however we didn’t have enough light to pull off the modern look.. So I decided to take this session up at our backyard. I got some good looking shots and finally after getting some great photographs and being satisfied to our hearts content, I decided to call it a day.


All in all it was an exciting photoshoot and why wouldn’t it be especially when your subject is drop dead gorgeous. It was all the more special considering it was my sister and I had such a wonderful time shooting her that I also decided to design an album with just her pictures. Shruthi - How I wish I could use you as my model every time I think of creative ideas!! Nevertheless, we etched some wonderful memories for sure.


Thank you for being my creative subject , for being a darling and for supporting me through my journey..If anything this photoshoot just proves that as a sibling team we can create wonders..Rock On!!


Model : Shruthi 

Hair & Make-up Artist : Saloni Beauty Parlor 

Location : International Peace Gardens


Happy Reading,

Swathi xoxo

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Of being a Mother https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/7/maternity-session  

Hey peeps... Happy monday..The sun’s out , nights are getting shorter and it is getting warmer by the day. The days of hibernation are over and we are all excited for summer..I am presently at transit waiting to head back home after a long much needed vacation.. Its time to up my game , gather more readers and work harder.. While I sit at the airport lounge, thoughts are racing and its time to recap yet another memorable session..


Giving birth can be a time for anxiety, worry, and yes, even fear. But it doesn’t have to be.. The human body is an amazing thing, working to create a child and keeping them healthy as they grow. In the last semester , You're just a few months away from meeting your child! Its like, you can hardly wait.. Excitement, happiness, fear all at the same time.. Its just the perfect time to get a photoshoot to show off the belly and not to mention , the radiant glow on the faces..


While chit chatting as per usual , my friend Harsha asked me if I wanted to create a series of photo session for her family starting from maternity to new born , 3 months , 6month/1 year celebration.. I was thrilled and excited about creating memories for my dear friend.. I had just begun my photography journey and being asked to create lifetime memories really brought a sense of motivation in excelling in everything I do..


I quickly started looking up inspiration photos and themes I could incorporate in the maternity session.. Myself and a few friends even went to a couple of malls to look for the perfect outfit for out radiant mommy to be.. Such was the excitement.. We decided to do the maternity session at the “Oh so beautiful International Peace gardens” ..


As we got closer to the maternity session , we met a few times and decided on the theme, outfits, photo inspiration and gathered tons of props..

This maternity session was so dreamy. The couple was very comfortable in front of the camera , I felt like I just got to sit back and document their joy in welcoming a new baby to the family. The elder kid looked comfortable and followed the camera which in-turn resulted in some beautiful shots..


We did this session at the International peace garden. It was such an amazing location and provided many different backdrops. We started around 4pm and ended close to sunset. The natural light was amazing and the sun shine through the trees made it so gorgeous..


Ever since, International peace gardens has become one of my happy spots to do a photo sessions. Keep reading and share some love..



Swathi xoxo


[email protected] (Swathi Arjun Gallery) Arts Blog Blogger Creative Family Happiness Photography Photosession beautiful creative writing family life lifestyle love photographer photography utah writing https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/7/maternity-session Mon, 11 Jul 2016 08:34:46 GMT
My First Wedding Gig https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/6/my-first-wedding-gig  

Hi Guys.. TGIF..It’s Friday!! I’m busy making weekend plans and I’m ready to welcome the weekend.. I wish we could have a day between Saturday and Sunday. The dreams we all crave for.. Today I am about to discuss about my first wedding Gig…


It’s a small world. Especially in Slc, pretty much everyone knows everyone.. I got referred to Anuradha Ahluwalia (Mother of the bride) through Preet, owner of Saloni Beauty Parlor and later got to know, my good friend Geeta was a dear friend of Anu… In photography business referals and word of mouth are a big deal. I spoke with Anu over the phone and discussed over a few things about the wedding. I decided to meet with the Bride soon after to discuss logistics and have a pre consulation on the event..


Photographing a first wedding can lead to emotions ranging from excitement to apprehension, and in some cases, fear.. I researched photography blogs, checked out a few websites, forums and pinned a few photos as an inspiration for the wedding Photoshoot. As the day approached, I cleared out my memory card, cleaned the lenses , charged the camera battery and finally slept with excitement ..


Next Day morning, I left home at 6:15ish to meet the bride at Saloni Beauty parlor.. Getting ready photos before your wedding are undoubtedly some of the most genuine and memorable moments of your day.. While Preet worked on her Hair and Make-up artistry,  I captured a few beautiful moments..


A wedding is a wonderful occasion when two families get together and establish a bond that is forever..The cultural vibrance and enthusiasm was evidently seen.. I was photographing a union of Sikh and American wedding …As I entered the Gurudwara , I saw Excitement.. Bride and her bride maids were getting ready for the ceremony looking gorgeous flaunting indian designs..




The Bride wore  traditional red lehenga and chose to have henna on her hands. The Groom also dressed in the traditional mens wedding attire called a Sherwani. They both looked stunning!



The ceremony was a traditional Punjabi Ceremony. The Bride’s family enthusiastically gathered  garlands and lined up near the entrance to welcome the Groom.. Once the groom has been welcomed by the family of the bride there is an exchanging of garlands between the bride and groom that symbolizes respect for one another and a promise to share everything in life together.



The bride was then escorted by her brothers and uncle to the prayer hall, while the groom sat in front of the holy book called “Guru Granth Sahib”. The priest leading this ceremony explained the sikh philosophy of marriage.,after which the couple and their parents are asked to stand for prayers (ardas).

The bride and groom then moved clockwise around guru granth sahib as ragis finished the prayer. The couples bowed to the holy book and waited for the next verse. During this ceremony the groom is given one end of palla (scarf) on his shoulder and other end is held by the bride. The ceremony thus ended with final prayer and distribution of guruprasad to guest.:)

After the ceremony I took some time out to photograph the gorgeous made for each other Couple... We also had a photo session with family members, friends and bridesmaids...


The wedding was indeed a special one as it was my First wedding gig, First Punjabi wedding , First at the Gurudwara.. Cheers to all the first’s..


Photograher : Swathi Arjun

Hair & Make Up : Saloni Beauty Parlor

Location : Gurudwara Slc Utah


Keep Reading..


Swathi Arjun XOXO

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Agastya turns 1 !! https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/6/agastya-turns-1  

Hello Guys.. It’s yet another Tuesday and a boring start to the week. I hope it gets exciting through the week as I sit here in my work space blogging away to recap the 1st bday celebration of our dear Agastya..


First birthdays are always special.. It’s big. There’s something about turning one that really reinforces the transition from baby to toddler. Getting through that first year of a new baby can be exciting, fulfilling, overwhelming, and tiring all at the same time. Everyone says that being a mom is the hardest and best job in the world... It comes with a lot of sacrifices, hurdles, sleepless nights, pain, fights, emotions but the feeling of being loved unconditionally and trusted completely is so life altering. Not only are you celebrating the 1st birthday but also celebrating Momiversary..So, Yes indeed 1st year is a very memorable moment and I was obliged to capture memories for the wonderful family...


The 1st bday celebration was at the Mountain View park, which had tons of outdoorsy things for the kids..  ( 2 playgrounds , a splash pad , tennis court , basketball etc )


The theme/décor for the birthday was “Safari “... I am a HUGE fan of cute animals and just loved working that element into the theme…The balloons, table mats , Birthday caps added a safari flavor to the event .. There was also a face painter crossing off the wish list of all the excited kids (Butterflies, spider , superman , spider man, angel , what not ). Next up, the food...There were a few appetizers, desserts, and drinks for our guests to enjoy! And finally it was time to bring in the Birthday cake. The Safari theme cake looked inviting, while the kids stood right beside it , not wanting to let go of the sight of the cake.. The Birthday boy blew the candles , as we all sang the bday song ..




The bday celebration brought back memories as I turned nostalgic about my childhood  , I remembered the days when I used to be excited about the  balloons, bday caps , face painting  , caricature etc.. Small happiness in life..that’s all we cared about ..

All in all it was a wonderful get together with friends and family.. Keep watching my space while I document beautiful moments and etch many memories..

Happy reading..



Swathi xoxo






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My Tryst with a camera!! https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/5/My-Tryst-with-a-camera  

Hello!! Happy Thursday folks...Its almost time for yet another getaway .. Long weekend is approaching and I cant wait for the Vegas + LA trip ..


Besides being excited for the weekend, I’m getting nostalgic about my journey with photography.. Thoughts are pouring in and I'm penning down my thoughts sitting beside the fire place on a beautiful evening sipping a coffee. What more can anyone ask for..


So, as a child I liked the camera. I followed the camera every time someone tried to focus the lens and my childhood albums bear testimony to that(Posing was never an issue,it all came naturally to me)..I first started clicking using mobile phones- which was once a fad. I mostly shared a few photos on “ORKUT”, the FB of yester years.. Then came FB and voila I got hooked... Friends saw me taking photos nonstop all the time, printing a few and making folders after folders to save all my stuff. They still make fun of me, when they see me clicking away to glory. It all started back then, little did I know , my heart knew what it wanted.


I had a small digital camera that I would use to click pictures and make prints. Recently,my husband asked me what I wanted for anniversary and I screamed “CAMERA”..I waited for a bit , while I researched to get a good camera of my choice...Canon vs Nikon seemed to be the biggest worry back then. I decided upon Canon since it was easier to self-learn per all the reviews.As soon as I got it, I started my self learning photography trip..I first shot with my Canon at Nebo-Loop,Utah with the beautiful fall colors on a majestic display..



Eventually, one day a friend ( Shwetha Sreekanta )asked me if I could take photos of her son's 1st bday..I was more than thankful to oblige. Soon after the birthday,she asked me if I could take her family pictures at the beautiful Wheelers farm @ Murray.. Not only did I really enjoy capturing their family moments , but also realized my creative calling.. I soon came back home to realize I was really interested in photography , interested in creating some art...I am very inclined towards art and the idea that photography could help me bring out the best in painting motivated me enough to seriously consider pursue art and capture imagination...I decided to take up photography as my passion and have not stopped since. It truly came as a blessing in disguise . I have started down the path of art/photography and I hope to make my mark in the artistic field among so many talented people.. 



Follow my journey into photography in the next few blogs..Happy reading..


Swathi , xoxo





[email protected] (Swathi Arjun Gallery) Blog Family Family Photoshoot Happiness Photography creative writing https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/5/My-Tryst-with-a-camera Thu, 26 May 2016 21:28:32 GMT
New beginnings, New blogger!! https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/5/new-beginnings-new-blogger  

Hello peeps..So I am new to blogging, it's going to take me a bit of getting used to.I have been planning to start a blog for a while now, I guess today is the D-Day;)Its a year since I started this wonderful journey..Its been a very Creative/Pleasurable journey meeting new people, making new friends and building my network in the Utah Creative circuit..

At its core, writing is communication. It is about recording thoughts on paper.. With all extra activities and a fun interesting life I decided to articulate the most meaningful events, my creative side and the most important thoughts. Considering the fact, I have seriously taken up on photography and art, I decided blog would be the best way to keep my viewers updated with all my learning's and progresses.. We’re all bound for story telling. We’re wired for them, latching on to narratives and losing ourselves in the stories is a normal occurrence. Blogging is indeed a good way to divulge people while scripting your story to success..

Other reasons for starting a blog are for professional purposes , so I can keep track of photography and arts and make a presence in the industry. It is very important to reach a larger audience and make impact on people to cut the edge in a creative industry.. This also helps me develop my ability to  write and communicate with people else besides everything else.

I am not a winter person, infact weather was one major criteria while we were planning our move from Houston to Salt Lake..(Atleast its not as chilly as Chicago or Newyork.. :P) Winter is a time to hibernate ,everything is dead and it’s freezing cold.  But I took this opportunity to work on a few paintings,develop my website, re-arrange photos and shoot a lot at the studio and practise so i'm just in time for summer. The process lead me to seriously consider blogging . Finally its up and running..

I'm on a mission to  take on my creative mind and contribute to the society.. Come join me and travel with me while we make events counts and memories etched..

Thanks for reading



[email protected] (Swathi Arjun Gallery) Arts Blog Blogger Creative New Photography writing https://www.swathiarjungallery.com/blog/2016/5/new-beginnings-new-blogger Fri, 20 May 2016 16:02:15 GMT