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Agastya turns 1 !!

June 07, 2016  •  1 Comment


Hello Guys.. It’s yet another Tuesday and a boring start to the week. I hope it gets exciting through the week as I sit here in my work space blogging away to recap the 1st bday celebration of our dear Agastya..


First birthdays are always special.. It’s big. There’s something about turning one that really reinforces the transition from baby to toddler. Getting through that first year of a new baby can be exciting, fulfilling, overwhelming, and tiring all at the same time. Everyone says that being a mom is the hardest and best job in the world... It comes with a lot of sacrifices, hurdles, sleepless nights, pain, fights, emotions but the feeling of being loved unconditionally and trusted completely is so life altering. Not only are you celebrating the 1st birthday but also celebrating Momiversary..So, Yes indeed 1st year is a very memorable moment and I was obliged to capture memories for the wonderful family...


The 1st bday celebration was at the Mountain View park, which had tons of outdoorsy things for the kids..  ( 2 playgrounds , a splash pad , tennis court , basketball etc )


The theme/décor for the birthday was “Safari “... I am a HUGE fan of cute animals and just loved working that element into the theme…The balloons, table mats , Birthday caps added a safari flavor to the event .. There was also a face painter crossing off the wish list of all the excited kids (Butterflies, spider , superman , spider man, angel , what not ). Next up, the food...There were a few appetizers, desserts, and drinks for our guests to enjoy! And finally it was time to bring in the Birthday cake. The Safari theme cake looked inviting, while the kids stood right beside it , not wanting to let go of the sight of the cake.. The Birthday boy blew the candles , as we all sang the bday song ..




The bday celebration brought back memories as I turned nostalgic about my childhood  , I remembered the days when I used to be excited about the  balloons, bday caps , face painting  , caricature etc.. Small happiness in life..that’s all we cared about ..

All in all it was a wonderful get together with friends and family.. Keep watching my space while I document beautiful moments and etch many memories..

Happy reading..



Swathi xoxo







Swetha mathad(non-registered)
Lovely swathi, Time flies, he'll be 2 soon. U jus bought back my wonderful memories.
Thanks for the lovely pictures.
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