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I Shot my Sibling!!!

July 15, 2016  •  2 Comments

TGIF... It’s been almost a week since I met my sister and spent quality time with her... I can’t help but recollect the exciting photo session I scheduled for her almost a year back when she visited me in Salt lake City Utah...



My family has always been my no 1 supporters as I travel the road of creativity.. Having a beauty in the family I always wondered when I would get an opportunity to photograph her. As soon as I shared that my sister was visiting, the “Are you shooting her?!” questions started pouring in and I instantly knew I should schedule an elaborate photo session with her as soon as she gets here.



As I waited for her arrival, I worked out a concept in my head and the idea was an easy one; beautiful Indian girl, vibrant Indian colors & modern chic attire that would bring out the radiance in her. I decided to set up hair and make up for my little sister wanting to see her like a pretty little bride (matrimonial photos .. just kidding) My dear friend Preet, from Saloni beauty parlor and I decided to collaborate and what a brilliant decision that was.. She is an amazing artist and a dear friend. As the dates of her arrival got closer, besides being excited to see her, I gathered all the props, jewelry, shoes, clothes etc.



I chose a gorgeous looking vibrant lehenga for her and a skin colored golden shimmer dress. The makeup was subtle and clean and we went with a low bun for her hair do... We decided to have the photoshoot at International peace garden (which had become my latest favorite spot. You should check it out sometime) and decided to use the Greece garden for the 1st half of the photo session.



As a debutante, mixed emotions surpassed her. She was excited, anxious, nervous, and happy all at the same time. I calmed her down and asked her to evoke her dancing spirit into the photo session.. I could see her ease into it as she moved around seamlessly and started hitting the right poses.. She nailed the photo session and I could see she was a natural in front of the camera.. 



As the sun died down we got some gorgeous shots with the Indian look, however we didn’t have enough light to pull off the modern look.. So I decided to take this session up at our backyard. I got some good looking shots and finally after getting some great photographs and being satisfied to our hearts content, I decided to call it a day.


All in all it was an exciting photoshoot and why wouldn’t it be especially when your subject is drop dead gorgeous. It was all the more special considering it was my sister and I had such a wonderful time shooting her that I also decided to design an album with just her pictures. Shruthi - How I wish I could use you as my model every time I think of creative ideas!! Nevertheless, we etched some wonderful memories for sure.


Thank you for being my creative subject , for being a darling and for supporting me through my journey..If anything this photoshoot just proves that as a sibling team we can create wonders..Rock On!!


Model : Shruthi 

Hair & Make-up Artist : Saloni Beauty Parlor 

Location : International Peace Gardens


Happy Reading,

Swathi xoxo


Swathi Arjun Gallery
@shru : Good times .. :):) You are a natural , I wish I had shot with you more when you were here...Nevertheless there is always a next time.. Keep rocking.. Love you <3
My God she shot me *acts dead*. Haha the first thought that passed through my head when I read the title. But jokes apart I love this blog cause it's all about me and my photo shoot :P thank you a million times for saying a million times that I am beautiful :*. Your words took me literally back to the day when you photographed me. From the make up to the entire shoot. Thank you for not being satisfied with the pictures and pushing me to bring out more! That's a great photographer right there!!
Hope we get to work more together in future :)
Love you!
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