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When Plan B wins !!!

July 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Happy Friday Folks... It’s getting hotter by the day. Isn’t it? It’s been such a busy summer, I am buried in work, but so satisfied I get to see happy faces every time I plan a session. It’s a wonderful time to be out there in the nature, shooting under good lighting conditions. Today I want to share with you a session which stresses on the importance of having a plan B for every plan A just in case… With this session, I unfolded a very important chapter of my photography career as my collaborations with Preet just grew stronger. 


I introduced Preet, my dear friend with whom I collaborated on hair & make-up in the last post. She approached me to check if I could photograph her gorgeous family. My joy knew no bounds. Having to photograph an artist in itself is exciting... After moving around the dates quite a bit, we finally decided on the location, time & outfits. Least did I realize, climate would play a huge role. Utah weather wore its unpredictable cap & played spoilt sport. I usually have everything planned out meticulously... But this time I didn’t have a Plan B and I thought I messed up. 


The word “Studio” screamed in my mind. The only person that came to my mind was my mentor, the lighting master, a dear friend & a very respectable person in the industry, the      Obi-Wan Kenobi of photography in Utah – Steve Berlin. I quickly picked up my phone and the next minute I know, I had a studio waiting for me. The man is extraordinary. He has been a helping hand in trying to achieve my dreams and enhance my creative outlet. More about him in the coming blog.


Although, it was slightly drizzling, we managed to take a few photos in the rain before the chills ran through our spine. 



After, we packed up and left to the studio located in downtown. It was my first time at the studio and definitely not the last. We got some wonderful photos of the family. The couple looked at ease in front of the camera. This session was definitely a special one as this was my first indoor studio shoot.


Although the indoor session went wonderfully well, I decided to compensate the time we lost due to rain, by scheduling a short outdoor session at the Liberty Park for another day. I wanted to bring into reality the poses I had thought of, in my mind for that particular family session... 


The couple were dressed in white & grey and adopted a neutral color theme for this session. Tishana their daughter was in upbeat mood flashing smiles and radiating happiness around. The smile and happiness in her face was so contagious that it brought about a sense of excitement at the photo session. 



The weather, happy couple & the kid’s excitement created a wonderful environment to work in. Overall it was a wonderful interactive session. After being satisfied with the session, we decided to call it a day. This session brought Preet & myself closer than ever before. Our collaboration has yielded good results and we wish to bring more to the table in the near future. Keep reading as the next few blogs showcase our work.

Happy reading,XOXO



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