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Snow of Memories!! I Just can't say goodbye

September 15, 2016  •  2 Comments

Hi guys. It’s been a while since I updated my blog. It’s the festive season and I have been super busy with all celebrations besides the art scene... Most of my weekends are booked solid and it feels great to have your dates blocked. I am getting all ready to be hosting a photo booth at the India mela on Sept 17th. It’s that time when we celebrate the lovely weather before it goes south for the rest of the year. A carnival where people of all ages come in to have fun, to get their palates satisfied with chat food but also let’s not forget, to get their pictures taken in the carnival. Everything aside I want to talk about the photoshoot with the ever active & charming family Deepthi Prasanna & Arjun Iyengar…


First of all, I adore this family. Arjun is an iron man participant and Deepthi has many triathlons up her sleeve. They have such an active lifestyle and the inspiration they create for people is impressive. It makes one wonder how they make time for an exciting healthy lifestyle. As soon as I was contacted by them for a photoshoot, all I could think was to include their lifestyle into the session, the gears they use on a daily basis like their bicycles, the medals they have accumulated over the years etc. After all, that’s what photos are for – to create and preserve memories forever! We planned this session in November and we had seen some snow already, which was all the more a reason to do a photo shoot. 


Abhi and Ananya are the young budding rockstars in their family who already have won a few triathlons. You know the saying – like parents, like kids… Flash & Bouncer are the stars of the house. They contacted me and told me they wanted a family session including their dear dogs. I was excited as it was my first with the dogs. The 4 legged babies complete their family and suffice it to say they have 4 kids! 


I planned my visit to their house a little early, to take a candid few shots of their kids...We decided to get some shots in their backyard which was filled with snow. The kids wore their snow shoes while I gathered my camera gears and some props. I decided to make this session fun and asked them to make a snow man and play around with snow. Before I knew they were throwing snow balls at each other and jumping around with joy. Capturing these happy candid moments is what brings happiness to any photographer. After having a fun filled session we decided to head out to a park to get some family shots...




They planned on a dog friendly location which was spacious. The color theme for this session was maroon & white and they were well coordinated. We took some shots of the family with a beautiful white snowy natural back drop which made the photos pop. Flash & Bouncer rocked the shoot, although it was cold. Although I wanted to use their gears as a prop for the photoshoot, the humble people they are decided to not use them.The session went really well and before we knew it was time to head out. Although I give a time slot to my clients, I’m not a stickler for time and I try to get as many shots as possible until I feel satisfied of my work. So I lost track of time when Arjun patted me on my back and told me the time allocated was up and that we should head back. The discipline and the time sense this family shows is much appreciated. They were a joy to work with.


This blog is particularly very emotional, since it brings back the memories and relives the time they spent with Bouncer, their dog that just passed away a few weeks ago. The love they showered on him was reciprocated back a million times from Bouncer. Such is the love of a faithful dog. Hopefully this session and photos bring back wonderful memories shared with Bouncer. I know nothing can bring back the times you had with Bouncer, but I pray and wish through my blog that you get the strength to recover from your loss and a chance to find similar kind of selfless love in the future. 

May his soul rest in peace! 


Swathi xoxo



@Arjun Iyengar : Thanks Arjun for always being so supportive..you guys are awesome..The hope was that the blog will bring back memories we cherished a year ago..I'm glad it did.. Really makes me happy to see that you enjoyed the blog.;);)
arjun iyengar(non-registered)
Swathi, thank you for your kind words. You have a done an excellent job of capturing our lives and emotions through the pictures and blog. Your passion and talent clearly show.
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