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Welcome to the world- Baby "Dhanvin"

September 21, 2016  •  4 Comments

Hi guys. The past few weeks have been long and exciting. India mela just got over and it took a lot of our time as we danced to songs and practiced for our surprise flash mob at the mela. If you haven’t seen the video already, go visit my personal page to check us jive on some cool dance moves. :) With all the videos, photos and the excitement of the India mela going around, let’s not forget our little putani. It is time to unleash our little Dhanu’s 1st birthday blog. Dhanvin turned one a few days ago, infact we had a birthday party as early as yesterday. Now, I want to make the birthday special and showcase some newborn photos I took of him a year ago..


Last year about the same time my sister Shruthi was in town and we were all discussing about how nice it would be to see Harsha’s baby before she leaves to Germany. We were hoping “Dhanu” as we lovingly call him, would meet us all before we left to Europe. Just while we were thinking, “BABY IS COMING” ,shouted the mom. They immediately rushed to the University hospital and before we knew it Dhanu was born. Shruthi , my sister rushed to the hospital to have the first glimpse of the handsome baby. She called me to give the good news and I decided to take my gear and go to the hospital the same day for some new born session.


You have the heard the expression, slept like a baby! There is a reason for that. Look at the pictures below. In the cradle slept the newborn, with dark beautiful hair and without a worry in the world! Tiny fingers curled around my pinky as I came forward to look at him. It instantly brought a smile on my face to see the newborn kick his legs out in search of something reassuring, contrast to how it felt like when he was inside the womb. He was covered in a cozy blanket/ sweater made by his mother..  I couldn’t believe how tiny new babies are, how vulnerable yet how awe inspiring!!


I captured a few photos of the new born while he was asleep, but couldn’t wait to see him when he has his eyes wide open. I wanted to see who he looked like on the first instance. I thought “Harsha” in my head. No sooner did we decide to take a few photos, the baby started crying and newborn cries filled the room. It was probably the cold air that he was not used to in the womb I thought.








After taking a few photos we decided to continue the session once they are back home. I did my research on newborn sessions as it was my first and I realized at once that it would be challenging one. Photographing babies is very tricky especially considering the environment, their food habits, sleeping habits etc.

After checking on both our schedules we decided to have a photo session on a fine Sunday morning. We used the sweaters and the socks Harsha had herself knitted as a prop. Although 1 month is a pretty tough period to photograph a baby we got some really nice pictures that we will all cherish for times to come...


























Dhanu celebrated his 1st birthday on Sept 21st and this blog is my gift to his parents. It’s time to relive the memories of the newborn and cherish all the wonderful moments. Happy birthday to our darling baby “Dhanvin”, we wish you all the happiness and love and success in your life.


Signing out,

Swathi <3<3




Swathi Arjun(non-registered)
@ S G : thanks a ton for reading my blog .. Appreciate your kind words. Really means a lot :):)
Swathi Arjun(non-registered)
@ Harsha : I'm glad you liked it. So happy to capture all the wonderful memories of your family. <3
S G(non-registered)
Beautiful pics and description.
Love It
Sniff, sniff, sigh. Love the blog Swathi. Thank you thank you, read it and reading it again.
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