Swathi Arjun Gallery | Fashion – Humble Hiccups & Happy Endings !!

Fashion – Humble Hiccups & Happy Endings !!

February 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hello Folks,

A very happy new year to all of you. This is my first blog post in 2017. I know , I know but I was busy making bigger plans. We now cater with PNC (Pastries & chaat) which serves Indian street style food. (Give that place a try , we have the best biryanis in the valley and some indian street style food that will blow your mind away ). Coming back to blogging , I will keep up to it and serve you guys will doses of photo stories. I promise: ):)


This Blog is about the newly wed Rella Dutson and her dear friend Samantha who left on a mission to another country. I congratulate them both on their new milestones. I think the blog is just in time to bring back memories we captured a year ago.


I remember this shoot to be  an interesting one. In the modelling industry I have heard that people often promise and under-deliver . This was one such session. This being my first few fashion sessions , I made tons of planning in getting designer clothing , model , hmua etc . I booked a studio with a dear friend , gathered designer clothes and made all arrangements for the shooting day just to know that the model was bailing out on me. The bad news struck me early in the morning and I panicked. I reached out to Mr Berlin and before I knew he started his search and Voila he confirmed a model before my mind screamed "FAIL"  ( If you know Steve , you know that he has great respect in the Utah photo networking industry ) So thankful for his contacts and reliable sources :)


I got to the studio and started to help Steve with lights. In came not 1, but 2 gorgeous dolled up girls. I was excited or what !! These girls are drop dead gorgeous. As fate has it , I got to work with one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen . These girls were a pleasure to work with. The energy they brought to the table was so infectious. The smile , the attitude , friendship , charm all came through in the shoot.These girls rocked the session and I was more than happy with how the session turned out. Better than I even expected. Never give up.  When life throws you a curveball, hit it out of the park ..







Cheers to a fun photo session and a great friendship . @Rella - I wish you a very happy married life. @ Samantha - Good luck on your mission. Hope this brings back some smiles. Thanks for being my super models and saving the day. You girls really rock and I wish to work with you guys in the near future. <3


Models & Hmua: Rella & Samantha

Wardrobe : Sugar sweet dress rentals

Photographer friend : Steve Berlin


Chao for now, Il see you soon!! 


Swathi xoxo


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