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Party Time- 16th or 60th Bday ??

September 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hello again. It’s that time of the year when the weather is slowly calming down and the heat is backing down to welcome the fall weather. We must be very thankful that we are living a comfortable life here in Utah , while there are natural disasters happening around us. It is extremely sad and heart breaking to see nature's wreath. Praying to almighty that we have peace and happiness in the upcoming days. In today’s blog I am going to discuss sweet 60th birthday of the evergreen Raviji. 


Last year about the time when Pastries and Chaat was newly opened, we used to visit the place quite a bit. (Reminiscencing: Who knew we would own it someday) While at the restaurant, we met Raviji and her husband, we instantly connected and started talking. Raviji asked me about my photography business looking at the marketing banner I had on the Pnc walls. As soon as I informed her of my new upcoming business she decided to hire me as her photographer to capture her 60th bday . I was overjoyed to be able to do something special on her 60th birthday.


As we discussed on the theme of the party, I started gathering photo props as we planned to have a fun little booth at the party that would bring some fun crazy element at the party. I also decided to use Einstein’s for the first time for my lighting setup which was an experiment in itself. I had never once used a high end lighting technique to capture the event details. I was super excited to use the technique to see how these work for me at a busy party.


The day arrived, and with the help of my super supportive husband I set up the photo booth with least difficulty. As the time got closer the event hall got busier and to my surprise I saw that most of the guests that came to the party were my friends. What can be better than having to shoot in a very comfortable environment? I started shooting away to get some great captures.


Overall the event was fun filled with loads of laughter, speeches, dances and some music. To top it all the food was fantastic, something we talk about till date. It was wonderful to see the birthday girl dance away to glory and bring smiles on everyone’s face. Age is just a number they say, Raviji truly showed us that age doesn’t count and what really matters is the inner childish self. The guests burnt the dance floor with some crazy moves and danced till they dropped. The party went on till late night, until everyone were drop dead tired. What a party it was. They definitely know how to party!! Cheers to the 60 years!!!


A very happy 60th birthday to the most charming and evergreen Raviji. :) Hope this blog brings back memories of the fun filled party. Cheers!



Swathi xoxo


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